About Us

Founded back in 2002, we had one goal: To teach people to care for the earth, themselves and each other through a variety of health, art & ecological based sustainable programs.

The Institute Of Landscape Art And Sustainable Spaces (ILASS) has been dedicated to fostering a sustainable support for the community in need. Through educational and green technology programs we focus on environmental justice solutions and servicing the needs of at-risk youths and adults in the community.  At a certain point visual and performing arts solutions are used to support innovative community activities, such as green job training for community based ex-offenders and residence in need of job training. Through our efforts we hope there will be a creation of an economically feasible development of projects informed by community desires and needs for all ages.

Our Board

Yasmin Fozard

Executive Director


Wayne Daye


William Covington

Board Member

Chris Hammons

Art Director

What People Say

"The best part of this program [EnviroKids] has just been learning; just being able to be outside and learn new things..."

Nora Lawrence~ Mount Zion Christian School

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